It’s not the destination but the journey that matters most.

That may be true… Personally I think they are both important.

What does this have to do with you? Well, let’s pick a worthy destination to start with, and, then lets make the most of getting there.

Ok, the subtext here is that while I’m working towards your finished project (and it will be amazing) what I’m actually building along the way is a great relationship.

So, if you’ve got an inspired destination in mind for your next home remodel and you’d like to enjoy the journey as well, give me a call.

With that being said lets see how some previous adventures went.

“Need a contractor? Look no further. Bryan and I are very particular homeowners…we want our home renovations to stand the test of time and hold true to the integrity and character of our 1930’s home. Until 6 months ago, we had never hired a contractor. Then a simple wallpaper removal endeavor discovered a wall of rot that resulted in ripping out the wall, rebuilding the wall, new siding, trim, windows…heartache. Arthur of Art Works Construction exceeded our expectations and we are thrilled with his work. He is a diligent and thoughtful craftsman, and meticulous in his work. What we liked best about working with Arthur was how much he communicated with us throughout the process. Our project turned out the way we envisioned it, and we are so grateful to have worked with Arthur. We will hire him for our next project. Check out his custom made toolbox truck; it’s what initially sold Bryan.”

-Jodie Beatty

Arthur has just finished a project of repair and restoration on a new residence. This included replacing windows and siding with bad rot and contracting the relocation of a water heater. He was able to very closely match the wood on the windows with the other windows and find a good location for the water heater. There were a number of other smaller projects. This was for the most part completed while we we away moving out of our old house. The last job was to place a hand rail of the stairs to the second floor. He made the measurements and came back with a finished wooden rail that matched the wood to which it was to be attached. I had the pleasure of watching the installation. It was a work of precision. This is the second time he has done work for us. The first was painting our condo. Again we were away so we did not meet him until this year. If you are interested in a craftsman that does not cut corners and wants to deliver a perfect result, Arthur is your man. He has the ability to examine a problem and come up with the correct solution.

-Albert Chasson

Arthur is terrific. He has done several jobs for me — inside and outside my house. He has an esthetic sense I admire, great problem-solving skills and pays meticulous attention to details. He’s also very pleasant to have around — quiet and clean. I recommend him highly.

-Libby Hazen


It is hard to express in words how happy and satisfied I have been to have Arthur work on my house.  He has now done several jobs for me, but most notably he recently gave my garage a much needed “facelift” to say the least… it now looks like a brand new garage!  I have been working on my “older” ~1910 Craftsman home for several years now.  I have done a lot of the work myself, but have also hired the services of several craftsman/contractors over the years.  I enjoyed working with Arthur throughout the whole process.  He was realistic in his estimates, fair in his billing, and expressed a very high degree of creativity, craftsmanship, and integrity in his work.  He truly loves what he does and it shows!  Often things are NOT cut and dry when working on older homes.  He faced each “challenge” head on and presented solutions that were both cost effective and structurally sound.  He has a rare ability to find solutions that keep the level of craftsmanship/workmanship high, yet still be done in a timely/cost effective fashion.  I am a very particular homeowner and want things done right, yet I do not have an unlimited budget and I feel Arthur struck a really good balance.  I am left trying to think of other projects that would warrant having him back!

-Brian Lawrence

I cannot recommend Arthur highly enough. Arthur did a renovation on my house that involved knocking out parts of two walls, building a bartop and window sill out of reclaimed wood, replacing six windows, re-structuring a dining room space, and matching the renovations with the traditional style of the rest of the house. I should mention that the house is 115 years old so there was no such thing as a straight wall in the house. He was as skilled as he was friendly and meticulous. From beginning to end he helped me with the design, always paying close attention to details that I wouldn’t have thought to consider upfront, helping me envision the aesthetics of each choice, patiently and gently talking me back from the ledge of some bad ideas. The bartop and window sill he built from reclaimed wood were gorgeous with immaculate design and quality. Arthur also has a quiet calming quality, easy presence, and an obvious love of his work that make him a delight to be around. He was very careful with the worksite and was clean and protective of the rest of the house. He was also very fair on costs and aware of the budget, and communicated well throughout the project. I would definitely hire him for any future projects, and could not have been happier with how this one turned out. Like I said, on all fronts I can’t recommend him highly enough.

-Maureen Ryan

Alright, your turn next.

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